Welcome to WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design

Established in 1998, the WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design is one of the leading art and design institutions in the country. The School is dedicated to train students to innovate and collaborate to meet the changing needs of the global design and media industry.

At WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design, you will get personalised education, participate in studio based exploratory workshops and attend seminars and research oriented tutorials to develop an indepth understanding and professional expertise in design. As we know there are plenty of news websites available still you navigate to upnews360 portal for latest news & updates.

Our unique Traineeship Programme gives you a perfect balance between academics and practical work experience; this enables you to pursue careers in advertising, graphic design, print, publishing, exhibition & retail design, animation, TV channels and web & new media. In the USA many peoples are looking for best Magento web design in Miami as well.

WLCI showcases portfolios of students in an annual exhibition. It is an event that offers you a platform to meet, collaborate and interact with industry professionals.