About wlci

The WLCI Design School is a premier Design Institute in the country. It imparts professional training in the field of Avertising & Graphic Design through various programmes for those of you who aspire to enter the Design Industry. These programmes prepare you for job opportunities in Advertising, Graphic Design, Print, Publishing, Exhibition, Retail Design, Animation, TV Channels, Web & News Media and many more.

You learn an entire gamut of skills required in the Design Industry. These include design synthesis, design planning & implementation, strategies etc. The aim is to stimulate you to develop critical judgment, sound research skills and an ability to think creatively.

You are provided with extensive practical experience through “Industry Projects” and “Live Projects” that integrate theory and practice. You learn to solve design related problems and work around production and market constraints.

The programmes help you create an impressive portfolio of work that meets industry standards.

At the end of your programme, your final design collection is showcased in a highly publicized Exhibition. During the programme, we provide you with Traineeships to give you hands-on experience in the Industry. This gives you a critical advantage over your peers and puts your career on a fast track.

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