WLC College Feedback

WLC College Feedback

WLC College India had started its journey, shaping the lives of young talent in the field of Business Management. Over the years, due to the rise in demand for well trained professionals, WLCI has initiated WLCI School of Fashion & WLCI School of Design.

The WLCI School of Design offers an unmatched program in ‘Advertising &Graphic Design. Our students get the best education & professional training. We believe in constantly improving and striving for perfection. Review WLCI School of Design and help us retain the title of being the best design institute in India. We are eager to know about your feedback for WLCI.

Please write to us your suggestions for any improvements that you would like to see in the institution. Mail us at reviews@wlci.in to register your opinion and feedback.

Ravi Shankar Jha, Alumni - WLCI Delhi Campus
“It has been a great learning experience in WLC. I was raw like a diamond but the college polished me intellectually, creatively, passionately to rise and shine in my future.I feel very humble & grateful to my mentors specially Deepti Maa'm to educate me and for showering the kindness & concern for each and every individual. Last but not least, Thank you again for giving me such an opportunity.”

Deepali Rathi Saboo, Creative Director at Jaya Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
“The course that I enjoyed most while at the WLCI were the ideation workshops, visual thinking, understanding the possibilities of design application, Art and design history is melded with liberal arts studies and professional skills.”

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