Professional Programme

Professional Certificate II

The Professional Certificate in Visual Communication is directed at those of you who want to gain professional skills and develop advanced visualization and thinking skills. During this programme, you will undertake 'live' projects, integrating theory and practice which support career prospects and further education. You are provided with a Unique Traineeship opportunity to work in the industry where you gain experience in handling challenging projects in a competitive environment.

You will undertake industry briefs in which you demonstrate you’re understanding of design and brand communication that match current industry trends. You will learn to work in cross-functional teams and develop creative proposals based on an understanding of the market and consumer requirements. This will be followed by creating storyboards, media treatments visuals and presenting highly- finished 'industry benchmarked' proposals for your campaigns. In the Self Negotiated Final Project (SNFP) you will present your ideas, research, and strategy and concept development relevant to the project. You will learn to use 3DS Max, Web for internet advertising, e-business and interactive multimedia. You will also learn to create an animated sequence using animation software.

On completion of this Professional Certificate II in Visual Communication, you would have developed competencies in Design Strategies, Corporate branding, New Media and 3DS Max software. You would have the ability to create a TVC and an individual portfolio. You will be able to pursue careers in Advertising, Graphic Design, Web and Multimedia, Copywriting, Corporate Image Planning and Brand Identity, Interactive Media, TV Film, Exhibition, Photography and Design Consultancy.

You will be trained in:

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