Advertising and Design Certificate Intermediate Level 2

WLCI’s advertising and graphic designing courses are highly comprehensive and are aimed at students who are interested in developing professional design skills. The programme helps you develop your ability to apply fundamental design principles to offer solutions to complex, integrated design projects. During the programme, you will learn to handle text and images to create editorial design options for magazines. You will learn multimedia techniques required to develop a professional website.

With this Graphic Designing Course, you will also learn various forms of animation techniques and motion graphics. You will apply your knowledge of creating corporate identity to design a corporate manual, in consonance with internal and external values of an organization. On completion of this level of the Advertising and Graphic Design program, you will be able to produce a short animation film using sound and editing techniques, design a magazine and website, ideate creative strategies for brands and create a corporate identity manual and media kit that meets the industry standards.

You will be trained in:

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