Higher Programme

Higher Certificate II

This Certificate in Advertising & Graphic Design is structured to provide you with knowledge and skills to handle independent and self-directed design projects, set to industry standards. Throughout the programme you are provided with a Traineeship in leading advertising agencies, design studios, animation studios, TV channels and Media houses. In this programme, you will carry out projects set by the industry which will showcase your professional abilities and creative talent. You will also work on an Industry Project (IP) in a specialized area of your choice through our course in graphic designing.

You will also submit a dissertation mentored by an industry guide. Your final project will be evaluated and critiqued by a jury of experts. Your works will be showcased in the Annual Exhibition.

On completion of this level of the Advertising & Graphic Design Course, you will be competent to enter the global design fraternity and pursue rewarding careers in Advertising Agencies, Design Studios, Publishing houses, Corporate Branding MNCs, New Media, Web & Multimedia studios and TV Channels.

You will be trained in:

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