Graduates Programmes In Advertising and Graphic Design

WLCI has one of the largest Advertising and Design Schools in India and offers a comprehensive courses in Visual Communication. The Professional Programmes in Visual Communication is offered for graduate students. This is a multidisciplinary program and lays emphasis on visual communication and design techniques. It focuses on design communication and integrates the creative and strategic processes. The programme provides you with a strong foundation in Visual Communication and equips you with skills required in the industry.

You will study Advertising, Visual Communication, Graphic Design , Web Interactive Multimedia, Film TV Channels, Exhibition & Retail Design, Print Publishing(Animation), Photography, Mobile E-Commerce and New Media. You will also acquire entrepreneurial skills and be conversant with professional studies, including intellectual property rights and ethics.

Throughout your studies you are encouraged to think creatively and develop innovative solutions. The programmes integrate new technology and design fundamentals to stimulate the development of critical judgment.

WLCI’s Graduate Program in Visual Communication prepares you for careers and job opportunities in :-

Masters of Design (Visual Communication) - 2 years
Eligibility – Graduation in any discipline or equivalent

Professional Diploma in Visual Communication – 2 years

Eligibility – Graduation , Higher Diploma , BTEC- HND or equivalent
This is a professional course consisting of the Advanced Level & Professional Level. This course has been designed with the objective of enabling the students to enter the workplace as specialists. It focuses on developing competencies that are valuable to employers in the Industry, these include Design Strategy, Corporate Branding & New Media.

Executive Diploma in Graphic Design – Advertising / Visual Merchandising / Printing – 1 Year

Eligibility – Graduation + 2 years of work experience
This program is suitable for working professionals seeking to enhance their skills in specialised areas of design. This will enable a working professional to gain an edge in the workplace.
  • Advanced Certificate II
  • Idea Generation Techniques II
  • Photo Communication II
  • Editorial Design I
  • Computer Application In Art And Design (Illustrator) II
  • Corporate Identity II
  • Advertising and Brand Development II
  • Idea Generation And Innovation I
  • Semantic & Communication Theory I
  • Design Process & Methodology II
  • Copywriting For Print I
  • Corporate Identity & Branding ( Final Project) II
  • Multimedia & Web Authoring I
  • Animation Techniques I
  • Print Production
  • Representational Techniques II
  • Applied Ergonomics
  • Advertising Campaign ( TVC Scripting)
  • Skills & Attitude II
  • Professional Certificate I
  • Corporate Identity & Branding III
  • Photo Communication III
  • Photo Communication ( Short Documentary Film)
  • Computer Application In Art And Design (Illustrator) III
  • Art Direction For Cross Cultural Design
  • Copy Writing For Television Commercial
  • Online Web Graphic Animation
  • Animation Techniques II
  • Indian Thoughts & Traditions
  • Design Audit/Design Process & Strategies For Business
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Skills & Attitude III
  • Traineeship
  • Professional Certificate II
  • Professional Practice in Art and Design/Mini Project
  • New Media
  • Animation Techniques (3D Max)
  • Advertising Television Commercial
  • Portfolio Development
  • Dissertation
  • Self Negotiated Final Project (SNDP)
  • Research
  • Design Concept
  • Production
  • Final project
  • Skills & Attitude IV
  • Traineeship

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