Foundation Programme

Foundation Certificate I

The Foundation Certificate in Advertising and Graphic Design introduces you to the fundamentals of design and emphasizes design as a problem-solving process through broad-based investigation, analysis, synthesis and communication. It focuses on developing your understanding and skills in Design process, Basic Design (2D &3D), Colour, Life Drawing, Typography, Art History & Appreciation, and Aesthetics.

You learn the principles of design and develop skills through exploratory and experimental workshops, projects and seminars. We encourage you to research and critically analyse the way in which designers and creative professionals apply design principles to create effective communication.

In this programme, you will study visual language, still life and drawing techniques in relation to different formal elements, responses, moods and emotions. You will also be encouraged to look at contemporary, historical references, art history and youth culture. We introduce you to the fundamentals of typography and its application.

During the programme, you will study fundamentals and functions of advertising and how it is developed for a specific socio-economic category of consumers. You will also be able to experiment with photography and work on digital platforms for 2D projects.

On completion of this Programme, you would have gained competencies in Design, Creative thinking, Advertising, Computers, Drawing techniques and understanding of the History of art.

In this level you will be trained in:

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