Undergraduates Programme In Advertising and Graphic Design

At WLCI, the Advertising and Graphic Design Programmes for Undergraduate students is structured to prepare you to meet the challenges of a highly creative, competitive and demanding industry. The curriculum for the programmes is industry driven and aimed to develop your creativity, design skills and business awareness.

The programmes provide you with relevant knowledge and professional expertise in Advertising, Graphic Design, Animation, Corporate Branding and Web & Multimedia. These are interdisciplinary programmes which provide you with a broad-based knowledge of design and integrate theory and practice with an aim of extending your imaginative, intellectual and analytical capabilities through live and collaborative projects, workshops, analytical research, critiques and presentations. Our programmes adopt an integrated approach and focus on teaching you the fundamentals of design, advertising, animation, corporate branding and packaging. We encourage you to explore and experiment with ideas and media to produce innovative design solutions which meet industry requirements.

The advertising and graphic design programmes for under-graduates aims at developing conceptual thinking, ideation skills and software applications. You learn in a supportive environment which encourages personal growth and nurtures your individual creativity and talent.

The design of the curriculum supports graduate employability in a number of ways. You may choose to specialize in either the creative or strategic field, depending on your personal aspirations for the future.

WLCI’s Programme in Advertising and Graphic Design will equip you with competencies which prepare you for careers and job opportunities in Advertising Agencies, Design Studios, Print and Publishing, Animation, Web, Internet, Interactive Multimedia, Packaging, Copywriting, Television, Media, Films, Photography, Exhibition and Retail Design.

BA ( Hons) Art & Design/ Animation - 4 Years
Students have the option to study for a top up program at the University of Bedfordshire, University of Northmbsia or at the Middlesex University in the UK. This program is offered as a progression from the BTEC – HND.

Bachelors of Design (Communication Design) – 4 years
Students will study at the WLCI campus and register with Arunachal University of Studies for the degree programme.
Professional Diploma in Visual Communication - 4 Years (Integrated)
This is offered as a progression from the Advanced Diploma. The course develops professional skills required to succeed as a specialist or as an entrepreneur. Apprenticeship is an integral part of this program which enables students to earn while they learn.

Advanced Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design – 3 Years
This is a progressive professional course which consists of the foundation Level, the Higher level and the Advanced level. This is a hands-on course that is designed to enable skills development & employability. The BTEC-HND can be done concurrently with this program.

BTEC – HND in Art & Design - 2 years
This is a specialist professional qualification that reflects the requirements of the industry. This is ideal for those who wish to enter the fashion industry or are seeking a pathway to higher education. This qualification is awarded by Pearson the world’s largest awarding body.

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